The funeral of his younger brother, who days earlier committed suicide, was the last place on earth Hugh Watt thought he would come face-to-face with the man who had sexually abused him as a child! How would you deal with that?

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We all have trauma, pain and trials in this life. No one is immune. Yet, even-though your's are uniquely yours, because you experienced it in your own way, there are specific methods and strategies you can use to triumph over them. In this unique book, you will discover exactly how to do that and live a life with more hope and less suffering.

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What Are These Books About?

Hugh decided to write this self-help books after his younger brother committed suicide and he came face-to-face with the man who sexually abused him as a child during the funeral service. As a licensed clinician, he has unique insight into the worst trials and traumas people experience in life. He simplifies learning in a way that has allowed him to successfully help others to understand that trials and trauma in life can produce growth.

These books is proof that growth is possible for anyone who is struggling under the weight of the challenges life has thrown at them, Trial Tappers is a guide to finding hope and creating lasting change. This book delivers an immersive approach to teach key lessons that will help you move out of victimhood and toward confidence and peace. 

Whether your trials stem from sex abuse, addiction, finances, mental or physical health, PTSD, the loss of a family member or friend from suicide this book is for you. If you want to grow stronger after any trial you face in life, find practical paths to overcome past, current, or future trials, and see examples of others that have gone thru trials or traumas and became stronger despite the challenge... then these are the most important books you'll ever purchase!

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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:

 “Everyone can benefit from this rare display of openness, and the life lessons learned along the way"
Brad Anderson, 
Co-founder Covey Leadership Center. Author: The View from Under My Desk–My Battle with Depression in the Workplace

“While the area of Post-Traumatic Growth has been with us now for several decades, Hugh Watt gives us a new creative and practical path to pursue that can enable the reader to move beyond the effects of trauma. More importantly, in highlighting the reality of positive growth beyond trauma, Hugh takes us on this journey from the perspective not only of a practitioner but also as a survivor. For those who are searching for renewal after the trauma, Trial Tappers is a must read.” 
Mark J. Maggio, Ph.D. Chairman of the Board, Emeritus International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

“Using the Trial Action Path (TAP) approach Hugh teaches, the reader is able to understand the “normalcy” of their experience, but more importantly the ability to work through it and the potential to come out the other end a better and stronger person because of it. 
Geoffrey Leggett Assistant Chief of Police 

“I found this book helpful because it puts in simple words what are complex and difficult experiences. Now, I can start thinking about my experiences in a meaningful way, take action, take charge, and feel much more in control of my life.” 
Walter T. Simon, Ph.D. President- Progressive Therapy Systems

“We all go through trials in life. Trials can make us bitter or better. The book Trial Tappers helps us understand and apply the principles to make us better. Hugh has gone through his own trials in life, including sexual trauma, and has become a better person because of the principles he has incorporated into his life. He is speaking from experience.” 
Jason Webb MSW, LCSW Author: The Reality of Perception 

“I appreciate that along with addressing the arena of traumas, (Hugh) gives specific tools that when followed leads the reader on a path that can, through putting in the work, result in healing.”    Dr. Ruth Gerritsen-McKane, LCSW 

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  • Trial Tappers Tapping: 12 tools to Survive Trials from Health and Finance or Traumas from Sex Abuse to Suicide
  • Trial Tappers Harvesting: 12 More tools to survive more trials in life
  • Daily Growth Cards: Motivational Questions and Reminders About the Books
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